It's Not Just Baby Boomers Who Looove TV Shows About the Second Wave

Baby boomers get a lot of flack for glorifying the golden days of the 1960s through television, from programs like Mad Men to CNN’s The Sixties. But as recent pilot pick-ups suggest, their children have been indoctrinated into this obsession as well: A wealth of shows have come up in recent years fixated not on just… »10/14/15 12:40pm10/14/15 12:40pm


Stop Being Ageist About Sexting Because Olds Do It, Too

A great way to gauge technological progress is to look at the tawdry uses people have invented for things that would have seemed like miracles thirty years ago. Like, the Internet is a legit miracle, and basically no one cares. If they use the Internet at all, it’s to yell at each other, look at clever pets they’ll… »10/25/13 11:40am10/25/13 11:40am

Rejoice, Slutty Youths: An Instant STD Test Isn't Far Away

If you're anything like me (MILLENNIAL), then you're familiar with our litany of monolithic generational traits — we're all very lazy and entitled. We'd Tase our own mothers in order to get our hands on the newest Apple doodad gadgetamabob. We sext Snapchats to the Kardashians. Teen Mom. Um. Occupy Twilight. Buttsex. »10/22/13 4:30pm10/22/13 4:30pm

Girls Composer Michael Penn Thinks Hannah’s Millennial Angst Is Really Baby Boomer Angst

Millennials just can't seem to ever get their shit together. They're probably the first generation in, I don't know, FOREVER to feel a sense of directionless angst when they enter young adulthood and have to stop ironically collecting action figures and frequenting their local orgy pits. Certainly the trauma of… »3/10/13 5:45pm3/10/13 5:45pm

Generation Y Collectively Squirms at the Truths in Lena Dunham’s Girls

If you're a member of the much-maligned generation of nepotistically buoyed slackers born sometime in the late 80s and early 90s and you tuned into the premiere of Lena Dunham's Girls, chances are you squirmed during the show's opening scene, when main character Hannah's "groovy" life of casual sex and unpaid… »4/17/12 11:20pm4/17/12 11:20pm

Why Are Middle-Aged Women Down In The Dumps? I Ask My Mom

According to the World Health Organization, suicide rates »10/21/08 4:00pm10/21/08 4:00pm have increased by 60 percent in the last 45 years, with depression — shockingly — as the leading cause. Recently, the numbers have jumped sharply in the U.S., and the trend — a .7% rise in six years — is driven largely by an unexpected group: middle-aged white…

Joan Rivers Gets Booted For Cursing On Air • Demand For "Older" Models Rises

Joan Rivers was kicked off the set of the U.K. show Loose Women after calling Russell Crowe some naughty names on live television (she was unaware the show was filmed live). • Demand for "older" (over 25) models has grown with companies seeking to appeal to baby boomers. • A woman hangs herself after a three-year… »6/17/08 5:30pm6/17/08 5:30pm

Hollywood's Women Problem Is A Case Of Arrested Development

There are few good parts for women in Hollywood right now. This is an incontrovertible fact. When you become a woman of a certain age, somewhere after 30 and before the hot flashes begin, there are no parts at all. Karen Allen, 56, who will be in the new Indiana Jones movie reprising her role as the plucky Marion… »5/19/08 1:30pm5/19/08 1:30pm

"The '60's, for those of us who can remember it — I mean, it was such a defining year.

"The '60's, for those of us who can remember it — I mean, it was such a defining year. I made a list of some of the things that were going on then for the young people: The Vietnam War protests, the Kennedy assassination, Martin Luther King's murder, Civil Rights movement, women's liberation — so much happened..."… »1/23/08 1:45pm1/23/08 1:45pm

A '90210' Hair Line! Why Didn't We Think Of That...15 Years Ago?

  • Jennie Garth and Neve Campbell's hairdresser to shill line of hair care products in infomercials, natch. We think this sounds like an awesome idea... if it were 1992. [WWD, 1st item]
  • Nicole Miller has created a new lingerie line which she's naming "3rd Date" since, we guess, that on the 3rd date people who actually…
  • »8/13/07 10:00am8/13/07 10:00am