Maybe No One Talks About Postpartum Depression Enough Because No One Is Actually Sure if They Have it

If you have had yourself a baby, then you've likely experienced the infamous "hormone crash" that comes with it — the out-of-this-world soar of humanity-affirming juice that makes you feel pain-free, lightweight and crazy in love with your offspring, followed by the swift, unceremonious thud of reality that hits a few… »3/20/13 12:20pm3/20/13 12:20pm


Hospital Opens First Clinic For Moms With Postpartum Depression

In recent years there's been an effort to inform people that the weeks and months after you give birth aren't always spent blissfully cooing at your newborn while sitting in a rocking chair bathed in sunlight. In fact, there's a chance you'll develop terrible depressive and even suicidal thoughts. Now one hospital is… »8/14/11 8:58pm8/14/11 8:58pm

Female Preemies More Likely To Suffer Maternity Woes, Less Likely To Marry

Despite what the Cabbage Patch Kids would like you to believe about the cuteness of preemies, with their little incubators built out of lettuce, real babies born prematurely babies can suffer lifelong consequences after coming out of the womb early. According to a study published in the new edition of the Journal of… »3/26/08 9:30am3/26/08 9:30am