Why I Had My Babies With a Midwife Instead of a Doctor

“Are you having an ultrasound?” the midwife asked, at my first appointment. I thought there had been a miscommunication: nobody had told me whether I would have one. “Well, it’s up to you,” she said. She could explain the pros and cons, but the decision was mine. Welcome to the midwifery model of care. »Friday 10:39am11/20/15 10:39am


Jeb Bush Would Totally Kill Baby Hitler, Thinks It Would Be Super Rad

Twitter, the gaping void into which we scream, recently fussed over a question posed by New York Times Magazine: if you could time travel to the past and kill Adolf Hitler as a baby, would you do it? Much debate was had, and now 2016 Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is dipping in his oar. And lest there be… »11/09/15 11:15pm11/09/15 11:15pm

That 3-Year-Old Baby DJ Totally Won South Africa's Got Talent

DJ Arch Jnr is a baby DJ that is quite unlike the “baby” “DJs” who holler at you in bars, because he is actually a baby and also a DJ. He’s so good at being both these things—at age three, he’s already been DJing for one full year—that he just emerged victorious as the grand-prize winner of South Africa’s Got Talent. »11/09/15 4:20pm11/09/15 4:20pm

Michelle and Barack Obama Are Really Loving This Baby Dressed as the Pope 

When you get an invite to the Halloween party at the White House, you bring your A game. And that’s exactly what this adorable kid who came dressed as the Pope did. His costume was replete with a Popemobile and tiny Vatican flags. Needless to say, POTUS and FLOTUS were in love with Baby Pope. Pope Francis may be the… »10/31/15 1:30pm10/31/15 1:30pm

Zooey Deschanel Names Her Daughter 'Elsie Otter,' Remains Extremely On Brand

Zooey Deschanel was at first reticent to share the name of her now three-month-old daughter, but she has—at last—ended her silence. No doubt you’ve been on pins and needles speculating, perhaps trying out various combinations of twee objects and icons, like Ukulele Sparrow or Bubble Pipe Tenenbaum. Well, agonize no… »10/20/15 12:10pm10/20/15 12:10pm

I Was Asked to Leave a Women's Empowerment Seminar for Bringing My Baby Girl

I walked into the darkened auditorium of the conference center at nine in the morning, with my baby girl Olivia strapped to my chest in her wrap. Linda Gray of Dallas was speaking to a large audience of women. I stood at the back of the room with Olivia, while my friend Angela, who had come to the conference to help… »10/14/15 1:50pm10/14/15 1:50pm

For Your Consideration: The Next Speaker of the House of Representatives Should Be a Tiny Baby

With California Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s fart noise-length campaign for Speaker of the House coming to an end today amid wild rumors and speculation of “misdeeds,” many Hill watchers are wondering who could possibly take his place as frontrunner. Please allow me to suggest: a baby. »10/08/15 2:20pm10/08/15 2:20pm