Dooce: Proof That Not All Our Pregnancies Need To End In Abortion?

The Wall Street Journal peeks inside the — controversial! impassioned! and dare we say even more narcissistic than the regular blogosphere! — world that is the mommy blogosphere today, and first of all, we regret to inform you that self-righteous Babble daddyblogger Steve Almond quit last week in a fit of… » 4/10/08 2:30pm 4/10/08 2:30pm

Dear "Baby Daddy" Steve Almond: Ever Heard Of That Saying,"You Can't Have It All"?

Steve Almond and Jane Roper are two bloggers for the parenting website Babble who recently decided, "in the spirit of blog-raderie", to have a play date and blog about it on their respective blogs. Ruh-oh! "Josie seems so sweet and sociable on her dad's blog, but in reality, I'm sorry to report, she's a total prima… » 1/02/08 2:00pm 1/02/08 2:00pm

Japanese Tiger Is Psyched About Toilet Training

Leave it to the Japanese to make a simultaneously adorable and creepy cartoon about pooping (see also: Everyone Poops). The video above — seen today on parenting blog Babble — shows a little tiger named Shimjiro. His tigerents are trying to potty train him, and is he ever excited about weeing in the toilet! I'd… » 12/20/07 1:30pm 12/20/07 1:30pm