Axe Body Spray: For Boys Who Describe Women's Breasts as 'Bags of Sand'

Axe has a long and storied history of ridiculousness, and as far as offensive commercials go, this one is far from the worst, but it's like their entire advertising team* has never met a woman. Or, they purposefully act like they ever have, but maybe that's because Axe is meant for pubescent stink-machines who use… »12/09/12 9:15pm12/09/12 9:15pm

In Step Forward for Feminism, Axe Creates Women's Body Spray

A huge battle has been won in the fight for gender equality. While women still earn less than men doing the same jobs and there are groups working tirelessly to restrict our reproductive rights, we're finally free to douse ourselves in eau de frat boy. Axe, the cheap toiletry equivalent of the He-Man Woman Haters… »1/09/12 10:00am1/09/12 10:00am