Lupita v. Chiwetel: Predicting the Most Interesting Award Season Race

If you've been following the pre-Academy Award awards (and you believe the pre-show hype), then you know consensus dictates Cate Blanchett or 12 Years a Slave are pretty much locked down for Best Actress and Best Picture, respectively. But when it comes to two other big categories — Best Actor and Best Actress in a… »3/01/14 6:20pm3/01/14 6:20pm

What’s Inside the Crazy $80,000 Gift Bags for Oscar Losers

The only thing worse than not being nominated for an Oscar is being nominated and then losing the Oscar. (Just kidding: There's absolutely nothing on Earth that's possibly worse than losing an Oscar.) Such psychic wounds can't be easily mended, but this year's Oscar losers will receive a modest gift bag worth $80,000.… »2/19/14 2:45pm2/19/14 2:45pm

Meryl Streep Was the Comfortable Choice, and That's Why She Won

Okay, so the Oscars happened — or, as I've taken to calling them, Hollywood Gets One of Its Ribs Removed So It Can Suck Its Own Dick for Eight Hours: The Movie — and, as you've probably heard, they were very, very dull. Wet paint was bored. String cheese had to go lie down. If you opted to spend your evening watching… »2/27/12 1:30pm2/27/12 1:30pm

Octavia Spencer Plans to Lose Weight, Get Her Boobs Stapled to Her Shoulders

In a segment taped the day before the Oscars for Today, Octavia Spencer talked to Al Roker about losing weight: "I love my body… I'm not trying to be a thin mint," she clarified. "I want to be a thick, chocolate mint." Mmm. Sounds good. Note to Girl Scouts: Get on that. She also told Al: "I'm going to get my boobs… »2/27/12 11:10am2/27/12 11:10am