Rabid, Man-Eating Feminist Emma Thompson Wins at Awards Show Speeches

Award-nominated actors, you might as well give up telling self-deprecating jokes in the mirror and put down the quote books you're mining for award speech inspiration; you're never going to top the speech Emma Thompson gave at last night's National Board of Review Gala, or the bomb-ass intro Meryl Streep gave for her.… » 1/08/14 3:10pm 1/08/14 3:10pm

Inexplicable Nun Photobombs the Red Carpet

Look, Maya Rudolph. We would love to pay attention to how funny you are and how good you look, but you are being photobombed by a nun right now and sister is mugging. She's completely stealing your thunder. She appears about 30 seconds in. Why is she there? Do you think she knows Christopher Plummer from The Sound… » 2/26/12 7:46pm 2/26/12 7:46pm

Violent Lothario Chris Brown Spawns Worst Twitter Trend Ever

Well, this is depressing. After what seemed like 17 identical spasmodic performances and a Grammy award for Best R&B album, a contingent of Chris Brown's female fans took to Twitter last night to congratulate and compliment the famously punch-happy singer— by offering themselves up for celebratory beatings. And all on… » 2/13/12 4:00pm 2/13/12 4:00pm