This Little Girl Walking Her Horse Will Give You All the Happy Tears

I don't know what's wrong with me, you guys. This video of a little girl named Emma walking her gentle horse Cinnamon is one of the most joyous things ever and yet here I am — crying like a big, stupid idiot baby. » 3/28/14 3:30pm 3/28/14 3:30pm

There's a Really Cool Pit Bull Rescue Story on Craigslist

Craigslist is where you to go buy or sell things, and also to find people you want to fuck. But you can also use it to find someone who used to own your dog, as evidenced by this fantastic story of a pit bull rescue that popped up on New York City Craigslist this weekend. » 2/16/14 5:58pm 2/16/14 5:58pm

'Puppy Day' Is Best Law School Stress Relief Idea of All Time

During finals week, students often need an outlet that isn't crying onto a pile of notes until they drown to death in their own tears. Luckily, George Mason University's Law School has instituted a policy that benefits both students and lonely homeless pups— Puppy Day. It's exactly what it sounds like. » 12/05/11 7:25pm 12/05/11 7:25pm

Bearly There (Updated, With 100% More Actual Bears!)

This tiny polar bear cub will not eventually grow up to be 770 to 1,500 pounds—half that, if it's female (because it's not real). The wonders of nature Tatiana Scalozub! » 1/15/11 12:25pm 1/15/11 12:25pm

Sleepy Puppy Says Hello

At first, Little Puppy looks completely disinterested in getting out of bed. But after some human hand-licking, squeaking, and a big yawn, the expressive critter starts to talk! » 1/08/11 1:40pm 1/08/11 1:40pm

Baby Giraffe Tee-Totals on New Year's

This youngster's not quite old enough to ring in the New Year with champagne, but he's definitely young enough to top off your "cutest baby animal pix of 2010" list. (Image via Snuzzy.) » 12/31/10 5:25pm 12/31/10 5:25pm

And the Oscar for "Best Kitten in a Short Film" Goes to ...

Roger Ebert says this video of a kitten deserves an Academy Award for best live-action short subject, "because of its wonderful quality." » 12/31/10 1:35pm 12/31/10 1:35pm

Seal Isn't the Only Seal Who Sings

Did you know that seals-the-animals also "sing" little songs underwater? Scientists think it might improve their navigation and/or hunting. Besides having musical abilities, seals are also just damned cute, as this gallery of 101 shows. Hard to pick a favorite. » 12/11/10 6:20pm 12/11/10 6:20pm

Baby Panda Celebrated Thanksgiving Early

One day this tiny panda bear cub will be big and burly. But for now, he's a fuzzy-wuzzy handful of pink adorableness with hair in his eyes. And so slumbery! Maybe he ate too much. » 11/20/10 5:20pm 11/20/10 5:20pm

This Little Otter Is Asking for a Kiss on Its Head

A picture gallery that includes this little guy(?) declares otters to be "the new cats." Hm, maybe! Their frowny, whiskered faces remind me of portraits of late 19th century industrialists—guys with names like Chester and Cornelius. » 11/20/10 2:00pm 11/20/10 2:00pm

Coats For Cubs

Instead of attacking fur-owners, the Humane Society asks for donations of old coats, which are used to keep orphaned animals warm. "The fur garments act as a surrogate mother. It is a warm and furry substitute," said a spokesman. [CSMonitor] » 2/04/10 12:40pm 2/04/10 12:40pm

Heather "Dooce" Armstrong, "Hot Geek" Husband Are Absolutely Adorable

Heather B. Armstrong, aka Dooce — whom people persist in calling a "Mommy Blogger" even though she's so much more — was on Nightline last night, talking about her blog and her family. I particularly related to the sweet relationship between Heather and her husband, Jon, whom she calls a "hot geek." Jon talks about how… » 5/13/08 12:00pm 5/13/08 12:00pm