Blinded By the Light (of the Glistening Bare Abs at This Romance Con)

One thing struck me immediately upon my arrival at the RT Booklovers’ Convention, and that was the proliferation of abs. So many abs! Abs on the elevators, abs on the walls, abs in the welcome bag, abs plastered all over the promo materials. Abs, abs, abs, abs. I don’t even care about abs and I’m in female-gaze hog… »5/15/15 12:50pm5/15/15 12:50pm


An Interview With Historical Romance Legend Lisa Kleypas

Greetings from Dallas and the RT Booklovers Convention, where I am currently wandering dazed through a thicket of bare male abs. Expect interviews and other dispatches. And, to kick off our coverage, the folks at Avon sent us the never-before-seen cover of historical romance star Lisa Kleypas’s (much anticipated)… »5/13/15 5:00pm5/13/15 5:00pm

Hey, Right Quick: Fabio Was on Just a Minority of Romance Covers

I'm glad you stopped by, because there's something I want to get on the record: Fabio, for all his immense fame, simply has not been on that large a percentage of the romance novel covers through history, and he hasn't worked as a model in years. And if you reduce the genre to his pecs and flowing blonde locks, you… »2/26/15 2:10pm2/26/15 2:10pm

Beauty Companies Love to 'Empower' Women, Over and Over and Over Again

This week, Soledad O'Brien announced that her O'Brien Raymond Starfish Foundation would be teaming up with CoverGirl cosmetics to produce a series of documentaries as part of their "Girls Can" movement. For O'Brien, Girls Can is an way to help empower young women. For CoverGirl, it's the perfect way to convince young… »2/28/14 11:00am2/28/14 11:00am

'Cruelty-Free' Cosmetics Companies Are Total Liars

Like most red-blooded Americans, I am morally opposed to the idea of a beagle wearing foundation or a mouse wearing mascara; it's unnatural. As such, I only purchase cosmetics that don't test on animals — "cruelty free" products, if you will. But now, a lawsuit alleges that some pretty major makeup companies that… »3/02/12 11:00am3/02/12 11:00am