Disney Princesses Gloriously Reimagined as Avatar Characters

Robby Cook has meshed Disney princesses with characters from Avatar — the Last Airbender one, not the James Cameron fever dream one — and created some really striking art. I love the thought of Foggy Swamp Tribe waterbender Tiana and her alligator (catgator?) moss creature propelling river boats and controlling… »8/12/13 10:25am8/12/13 10:25am

Meet the Creepy Lady Robot Who Will Now Help You at the Airport

Of all the things our airports need these days, more working bathrooms, better food options, and fewer epicly shitty delays would probably top the list. But rather than getting those things, those of us who live in New York are apparently instead getting an unsettling avatar who is designed to replace human customer… »5/22/12 11:00pm5/22/12 11:00pm