Teen at Summer Camp Allegedly Threatened Campers With Vial of Acid

Summer camp is supposed to be a time for fun activities like painting rocks, weaving shitty macrame, and feigning accidentally falling into a large body of water with your clothes on (I know you were faking it!). For the optimal experience, summer camp should probably not include acid of any type at all, not even the… » 6/14/14 3:05pm 6/14/14 3:05pm

This Is What the Perfect Woman Looks Like, According to Men and Women

According to a survey commissioned by cosmetics and body care retailer Escentual.com, these are the faces of ultimate womanly beauty—the left described by men and the right, by women. The survey asked users to pick and choose their favorite features from celebrities (the same process utilized by the Greek god… » 12/11/13 1:50pm 12/11/13 1:50pm