Donald Trump Inexplicably Kisses Audrina Patridge's Ass

For some weird reason Donald Trump made an appearance on last night's episode of Audrina during which he was supposed to meet with the career reality star for a "business"proposition. Instead, he kissed her on the cheek and spoke endlessly about how beautiful she is. He made half-hearted proposals for her to appear… »5/09/11 2:30pm5/09/11 2:30pm

Audrina Patridge's Drunk Mom Is The Real Star Of Audrina

How ridiculous is it that Audrina got her own reality show? While she can be credited with introducing the world to JustinBobby on The Hills (but if we want to be realistic about it, he could very well have been cast, considering how contrived that entire show was), Audrina is as boring as her eyes are expressionless. »4/18/11 4:45pm4/18/11 4:45pm