Saudi Arabia Allows Women to Serve as Attorneys in Court — Can Looking…

After a year and a half-long push, a small victory for women in the Kingdom of Saud — female attorneys who fit certain criteria will be allowed to present arguments in court. Now if only they were allowed to drive, vote, travel without a male escort, run out of a burning building while not wearing hair covering, or … » 10/16/12 6:00pm 10/16/12 6:00pm

Bros Before Hos: The New Breed of Divorce Lawyer

There are divorce lawyers and then there are divorce lawyers, the latter and emphasized of which hang out in super secret clubhouses, keep stashes of Sports Illustrated under the floorboards, and assure all clients that, just as soon as they learn the secret handshake, all the secrets of divorce court prejudices will… » 7/23/12 1:15pm 7/23/12 1:15pm

Inefficient-Sounding Postnup Agreements Are Becoming More Popular

American couples who have wearied of constant wrangling over who has to take out the trash, feed the fish, fetch the mail, or clean mashed-up lima beans out of the kitchen sink again even though there's never been a garbage disposal, are seeking succor in postnuptial agreements, once again proving Alexis de… » 5/20/12 5:00pm 5/20/12 5:00pm