Sources say President Barack Obama is expected to name Sally Quillian Yates as his nominee for deputy attorney general. Yates is the current US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia (the first female US attorney in Atlanta) and has served as vice chair on Attorney General Eric Holder's advisory committee. If… » 12/21/14 6:22pm 12/21/14 6:22pm

​Obama Officially Nominates Loretta Lynch for Attorney General

Today, President Obama announced his decision to nominate Loretta Lynch as the replacement for Eric Holder as Attorney General. If approved, Lynch will become the first African American woman to be appointed to the position. » 11/08/14 1:15pm 11/08/14 1:15pm

Did Palin Nominate A Rape Advocate For A.G.?

Sarah Palin's nominee for Alaska attorney general, Wayne Anthony Ross, may have told MRA-group Dads Against Discrimination in 1991,"If a guy can't rape his wife, who's he gonna rape?" He's denying it. [Daily Beast] » 4/13/09 12:20pm 4/13/09 12:20pm