Hero Woman Acting in Self-Defense May Have Just Offed a Serial Killer

A sex worker in Charleston, West Virginia shot and killed a man in self-defense who had a list of prostitutes in his pocket and a “kill kit” in his Subaru. Police are now beginning to link the 45-year-old man, Neal Falls, to the unsolved murders of sex workers in the Las Vegas area and in Chillicothe, Ohio. »7/24/15 2:10pm7/24/15 2:10pm

War Machine Wants to Take a Lie Detector Test, Judge Is Like, Nah

In 2014, War Machine (birth name: Jonathan Koppenhaver) physically and sexually assaulted his former girlfriend Christy Mack and violently assaulted her friend Corey Thomas when he broke into Mack’s house and found the two together. He’s currently in jail awaiting trial on 34 counts, including attempted murder. Now,… »6/04/15 12:50pm6/04/15 12:50pm

Former In-N-Out Employee Planned Attack on Boss With Loaded Guns

A former Los Angeles In-N-Out employee was arrested and charged with attempted murder after he was caught waiting near his ex-boss’ car with loaded guns. A witness saw 23-year-old Eric Bloss pouring sugar in the vehicle’s gas tank in the parking lot of the Glendale restaurant at around 2 a.m., last Monday. Police… »5/24/15 4:55pm5/24/15 4:55pm

If Anyone Deserves Gonorrhea in His Eyeball, It's War Machine

MMA fighter and alleged domestic abuser War Machine is awaiting trial on charges that he beat ex-girlfriend Christy Mack nearly to death. War Machine's brother Michael has been issuing jailhouse letters from War Machine on the fighter's Twitter page: in the latest ones, he claims to have found Jesus, and reminisces… »2/09/15 4:30pm2/09/15 4:30pm

Suze Orman Gets Milk • Teen Plots Murder For Breast Implants

• Personal finance adviser Suze Orman will star »9/29/08 5:30pm9/29/08 5:30pm in a new slate of "Got Milk?" ads that will be focusing on the economic benefits of buying and using milk. • In Iraq, the agal, or headband commonly seen on men, carries and is considered to be part of a man's personal identity, with size and color denoting a man's…