Game of Thrones Attack Ads Are the Best Thing to Come Out of Campaign Season

The political climate of the Seven Kingdoms is such a mess these days. It used to be that you had a variety of candidates ranging between North and South, but now it seems that all we've got are a bunch of greedy crown mongers ranging from Center South to Extremist South, you know what I mean? All I want is a ruler… »6/20/12 2:15pm6/20/12 2:15pm


GOP Candidates Vow to Force Pregnant Women to Have Babies

The campaign in South Carolina is heating up, says everyone. That's apparently code for "the candidates are gathered in the roughly same geographic area, and they're emitting high pitched shrieks at each other." Yesterday, they were shrieking about Bain Capital. Today, they're still hollering about Bain, but they're… »1/12/12 4:10pm1/12/12 4:10pm