House Cat Reveals Its Militant Environmentalist Agenda

You may consider yourself “green” because you bring your own canvas bag to the grocery store, or because you only by the really expensive four-dollar slicing cucumbers that look, stacked under the moistening produce spigot at Whole Foods, vaguely like the mummefied penises of so many deposed troll kings, but you’re… »6/02/13 5:00pm6/02/13 5:00pm

Pakistani Woman Gets New Nose After 32 Years, Still Lives With The Man Who Cut Off Her Old One

In Pakistan, the nose is considered a symbol of family honor, which is why women's faces are often the a target of assault when they're perceived to have "shamed" the family in some way. As of 2011, 943 women were murdered, 9 had their noses cut off, 98 were tortured, 47 set on fire and 38 attacked with acid. »6/02/12 5:00pm6/02/12 5:00pm

Woman Saves the Day After Happening Upon a Father Trying to Kill His Son [UPDATED]

When one talks about being in the right place at the right time, that place isn't usually a cemetery. Yet that was exactly where 21-year-old Jaymisha Pires was this weekend with a friend when she saw a man starting to slice the arms of a young boy with a sharp object. The man turned out to be 30-year-old Joseph… »4/30/12 11:55pm4/30/12 11:55pm

Boy Gets Frighteningly Creative and Attacks His Mom With a Pop Tart

When you first learn that you're pregnant, of all the possible scenarios you play out in your mind of the many joys and pains your future child could bring you, would you ever, ever in a million years think to yourself, "Someday we're going to be hanging around the house on a Saturday afternoon, and we'll get into an… »3/04/12 11:55pm3/04/12 11:55pm

Hank, the Cat Who's Running for Senate, Has Made Some Powerful Enemies

Things are getting ugly in the race for Senate in Virginia. Some mysterious organization has launched a vicious attack ad against Hank, the cat who's entered into the race. And they're not afraid to get personal. For instance, they take him to task for never releasing his birth certificate or tax returns, and then… »3/01/12 11:15pm3/01/12 11:15pm

Badass 85-Year-Old Woman Saves Her Husband From Moose Attack

One moose in Alaska sure picked the wrong woman to mess with-and it got the surprise of al lifetime when a tiny 85 year old woman came flying at it with a shovel. Here's how it went down: Dorothea Taylor was waiting in her truck one day when her husband of 40 years, George Murphy, went to get their dogs. She heard… »1/24/12 10:30pm1/24/12 10:30pm