Babies Pooping Over Garbage Cans and Hypnotized Toddlers: A Guide to Progressive Parenting

Do you want to raise the most emotionally secure, mentally healthy, highest-potential achieving children the human race has ever seen? Sure, why not. Enter progressive parenting. Progressive parenting is a relatively new phenomenon that involves different (and often contrasting) philosophies, but from an outside… »8/27/12 2:10pm8/27/12 2:10pm

Feminists are More Likely to be 'Attachment Parents'

In the past, it was easy to conjure up an image of the stereotypical feminist: think Rosie the Riveter, Gloria Steinem, or any random bra-burner. These days, it's a little harder, as evidenced by a new study brought to our attention by Buzzfeed which found that self-described feminists are actually more supportive of… »6/11/12 2:50pm6/11/12 2:50pm

I'm Sure She'd Make a Really Excellent Mother: Alanis Morissette Endorses Attachment Parenting

In shocking "Hey, Not Everybody Raises Their Kids How I Want to Raise My Kids" news, Alanis Morissette is the most recent celebrity to endorse attachment parenting, saying that she will breastfeed her 17 month-old son as long for as long as he continues to want to be breastfed. Additionally, she practices a… »5/31/12 3:05pm5/31/12 3:05pm

Breastfeeding Mom From Time Cover: 'It's Not Right For Everybody'

Jamie Lynne Grumet, the mother seen breastfeeding her 3-year-old on this week's cover of Time was on Today this morning, with a very calm, down-to-earth attitude about the story. She says she knew what she was getting into when she posed (there's a behind-the-scences piece about how the cover was shot, for… »5/11/12 10:40am5/11/12 10:40am

Attachment Parenting: Freakish or Feminist?

This week's issue of Time screams, "ARE YOU MOM ENOUGH?" over a photo of a woman breastfeeding her son who, frankly, looks old enough to cut up his own piece of steak. While the article takes a serious look at "attachment parenting" — a controversial child-rearing philosophy pioneered by pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears —… »5/10/12 12:00pm5/10/12 12:00pm