Atoosa Rubenstein's Foolish Fashion Alpha Kitties

For the past year, former Seventeen editor in chief Atoosa Rubenstein has been developing some sort of market research company that looks into the minds of teenage girls in order to sell the resulting demographics to other companies. The 'Toos has been doing this via a project she calls "Alpha Kitty," a series of… » 11/30/07 2:20pm 11/30/07 2:20pm

Fashion Mags: Big Girls Gain, Tween Titles Flounder

Thanks in part to the mostly useless advertorial Conde Nast supplement Fashion Rocks, Vogue regains its spot as head bitch in charge of all lady mags: Anna Wintour's brainchild had the most pages this year, with 3,222, barely edging out #2, In Style, which had 3,197 pages, says Women's Wear Daily.. The other fashion… » 11/16/07 2:30pm 11/16/07 2:30pm

Atoosa Rubenstein Has Herpes, But Only Up Top

Former Seventeen magazine editor in chief Atoosa Rubenstein has this new project called "Alpha Kitty," a series of YouTube videos that give us second-hand embarrassment. She discusses beauty and being a girl and self-expression or something (sometimes in a fake "playful" accent), and it all is related to Andy Warhol… » 10/12/07 4:30pm 10/12/07 4:30pm

Atoosa Rubenstein: Don't You Just Hang On Her Every Word?

Atoosa Rubenstein. Have you been DYING to know what's going on with everyone's fave "Alpha Kitty" her since she broke free from the confines of her job editing Seventeen and went feral?? Well, surely you know some disenfranchised teen with a big dream who has been DYING to know what she's got up her poufy sleeve.… » 10/04/07 9:30am 10/04/07 9:30am