Woman Attacks ATM With Stiletto

Police in Chippenham, England are hunting for a woman who took off her high-heel and hit an ATM almost fifty times after using the machine for several minutes. The incident, which took place shortly after midnight on July 2, destroyed the keypad and screen. Few among us haven't wanted to beat an ATM with a shoe, and… » 8/25/11 11:58pm 8/25/11 11:58pm

"My Roommate Is Bulimic. What Should I Do?"

In this very special 420 episode of Pot Psychology, Rich and I are joined by a magical guest: Jambi the genie! (A virtuoso portrayal by StreetCarnage.com's Gavin McInnes.) He gave us aid(s) in tackling life's everyday issues, including dildo chew toys for dogs, Mormon weddings and large black cocks. Got a burning… » 4/20/08 4:20pm 4/20/08 4:20pm