Really Important Debate: Does Barack Obama Bowling Like A Fag Mean He Is

Americans! We are not exactly not known for excess! But on this, the first of April, perhaps it is time to start a national IM dialogue on whether we have finally somewhat overdosed on the absurdity! For instance, the government is supposed to spend $1.6 trillion on weapons with names borrowed from the Twilight Zone » 4/01/08 10:00am 4/01/08 10:00am

Britney Is Sober; Pentagon, Democrats And Eyesore Casino Town Scramble…

Britney Spears passed a drug test, making her officially temporarily boring, an occasion TMZ today marked by posting in one of its nineteen required daily Brit posts the sentence "Blah blah, phone, gum, paps, blah, ding dang, blah, fans, cops, escort, blah y'all." (Blahblah = the new Dada! Or something.) Anyway, fear… » 10/09/07 11:34pm 10/09/07 11:34pm