Ladies Think About Food More Than Sex

A new study alleges that British women think about food more than sex, and that a significant minority think about it more than they think about their partners. Take this with a grain of salt, though — the study was conducted by Atkins. » 10/03/11 9:50am 10/03/11 9:50am

Happiness Is A Warm Loaf

A recent study compared the effectiveness of an Atkins-type diet and a plan that did not restrict carbs. While there was no significant difference in weight loss, the carb-eaters were happier and less hostile. As we've long suspected: Carbs=Love. [Reuters] » 11/10/09 9:20am 11/10/09 9:20am

Food For Thought

Listen up Atkins addicts: a new study has found that women who go on low-carb diets suffer impaired memory after just one week. Do your brain a favor and eat bread. [Daily Mail] » 12/12/08 10:40am 12/12/08 10:40am

Reader Roundup

Best Comment of the Day, in response to A New Makeup Straight Out Of Your Wet 'N Wildest Dreams!: "I hate mineral makeup. It is the Atkins diet of makeups." We say: does it make you gassy just like Atkins does? • Worst, in response to Being A Bitch Will Save The World: "I'm not a bitch! I'm not a 'real' bitch or one… » 1/04/08 4:50pm 1/04/08 4:50pm

File this under "Why is this news?": New research shows that the Atkins diet causes heart disease and raises cholesterol. Did no one think this would be a possible problem in a diet that allows you to eat lard but not fruit? Seriously. [NYP] » 11/07/07 3:45pm 11/07/07 3:45pm

DIET BOMBSHELL: Dr. Atkins Vindicated In Death By Your Tax Dollars

So, a new government study says of 311 overweight women trying out diets for a year, the ones who chose Atkins did best, losing an average of 10 pounds to the Zone disciples' 3.5. They are acting like this isn't a big deal, probably because the Atkins diet in the long-term is likely to make you about as healthy as … » 3/07/07 9:36am 3/07/07 9:36am