Report: Hundreds of Police Officers Have Been Fired Over Sex Crimes 

The Associated Press has a long and rigorous report outlining the number of police officers who have lost their badges over sex crimes in a six-year period. According to the AP, their investigation found nearly 1,000 officers nationwide who had been fired for rape, sexual assault and other sex crimes including… »11/01/15 12:45pm11/01/15 12:45pm


Eight Men Jailed in Malala Yousafzai Attack 'Secretly Acquitted'

In April, ten men were sentenced to life in prison by a Pakistani court for the assassination attempt on Malala Yosafzai, the schoolgirl and education activist shot in 2012. “Life,” we now learn, apparently means “a couple months.” The BBC now reports that eight of the men were secretly acquitted. Immediately after… »6/05/15 9:30am6/05/15 9:30am

Accused Rapist in 'Mattress Girl' Case Sues Columbia University

Paul Nungesser, the Columbia University student accused of rape by fellow student Emma Sulkowicz, whose mattress-carrying protest drew national attention, has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the school. Nungesser accuses the university of failing to protect him from what he calls Sulkowicz’s “harassment… »4/24/15 10:15am4/24/15 10:15am

Hillary Clinton Also Used a Private, Homemade Email Server

Hillary Clinton is already in a great deal of hot water for using a personal email address to conduct official business during her time as Secretary of State. Our brother site Gawker reported yesterday that two other top State Department officials also used personal emails. And now, the Associated Press reports, it… »3/04/15 1:10pm3/04/15 1:10pm

The Associated Press Thinks All Women Who Have Abortions Are Delicate, Regretful Flowers

According to the Guttmacher Institute, nearly one-third of American women will have an abortion by age 45. According to the Associated Press, that means millions of U.S. women are currently walking around in a daze, their lives destroyed by making the Biggest (and Most Horrible) Choice of Their Life, even if it was… »10/22/12 1:20pm10/22/12 1:20pm

Doug Feith Defends Torture, But Knows Nothing Of Beaver

Today, yet again, another Bush Administration toady who isn't Karl Rove, Harriet Myers or Josh Bolton will head up to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress that everything is hunky-dory, they were just following orders, torture isn't really torturous, blah, blah, blah. But today, the Windy's own Spencer Attackerman »7/15/08 10:00am7/15/08 10:00am