Woman Falsely ID'd as UVA's Jackie by Conservative Blogger Is Suing

Over the past few weeks, venomous conservative blogger and rumored floor-shitter Charles. C. Johnson has dedicated himself almost single-mindedly to exposing the woman he believes is Jackie, the University of Virginia student at the center of Rolling Stone's crumbling and much-criticized story about rape at UVA.… » 12/15/14 12:30pm 12/15/14 12:30pm

Navajo Boy Sent Home on First Day of Kindergarten for Having Long Hair

Oh, cool. A devastating end to a shithead summer. Five-year-old Malachi Wilson, a member of the Navajo Nation, was sent home from his first day at a Texas kindergarten for having hair that was deemed "too long." Wilson's mother, April, says that her son was devastated by the encounter. And, seeing as Wilson keeps his… » 8/29/14 3:50pm 8/29/14 3:50pm

Wisconsin Woman Assaults DJ Because She Doesn't Like His Song Choices

Recently in Madison, Wisconsin (hometown of your glamorous author Madeleine Davies), a woman out celebrating a friend's birthday at a local Irish pub was not pleased with the song choices of the bar's DJ so, naturally, she did what any maniac would do — throw a glass at his head, attack him physically, damage his… » 3/27/14 7:45pm 3/27/14 7:45pm

Please, Don't Tell Me that I Look Better Without Make-up

ETA: A clarification: This is an essay about emotional abuse. It is an exploration of one seemingly innocuous phrase, used repeatedly, over years, as part of a pattern of abuse, and how it affected my thought processes, self-esteem, and emotional state. If you want to be an ass and tell me I'm a horrible, insecure… » 1/26/14 8:57pm 1/26/14 8:57pm

'Girls Are Assholes' Is the Internet's Least Relatable Video Series

I wanted to like the on-its-way-to-viral "Girls Are Assholes" web series. I really did. Not because I'm the sort of woman who hates other women, but because I love me some sharply observed self-deprecating humor almost as much as I love fresh comedic perspectives from underrepresented demographics, and this video… » 11/19/13 5:45pm 11/19/13 5:45pm