Rejoice! Diet Pepsi Is Changing One Weird Chemical Sweetener to Another Weird Chemical Sweetener!

If you're one of those people who loves Diet Pepsi because of the smooth, unadulterated taste of pure aspartame, I've got some bad news for you. Consider your shit adulterated. The Pepsi corporation will now be sweetening its weird brown water substitute with a combination of aspartame and delicious acesulfame… »12/18/12 10:40am12/18/12 10:40am

How Diet Coke Became the World's Liquid Crack of Choice

Diet Coke turns 30 this year, and despite health concerns and an rocky advertising trajectory (remember Paula Abdul dancing with dead celebrities?), the Thank-God-It's-Not-Sugar-But-Hopefully-Aspartame-Won't-Kill-You beverage is doing better than ever. Diet Coke has held the title of second most popular soda in the… »8/08/12 1:30pm8/08/12 1:30pm