Adorable Mom Seeks Advice After Kids Mock Her Indie Movie Debut

Print media is still full of delightful surprises, including a letter this weekend to syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson from an amateur actor who can't bear the ridicule of her children when they watch the movie she and her husband filmed with friends. It's sad, bizarre, and painfully ingenuous all at once. »12/08/13 6:00pm12/08/13 6:00pm


Ask Amy Poehler: 'How Do I Start Taking Positivity More Seriously Than Negativity?'

The advice dealt out by Amy Poehler in her Smart Girls at the Party Ask Amy series is meant for young girls, but this is a fact that we should all choose to ignore because Poehler's counsel can be useful to all of us, regardless of age. In the first episode of 2013, a girl named Caity writes in to ask how to take in… »1/16/13 5:40pm1/16/13 5:40pm

Amy Poehler Advises Young Girls on How to Deal with Overwhelming Stress

Ask Amy is back with its second episode, this time with a young girl writing in for advice on what to do when life becomes overly stressful. As if we'd expect anything less at this point, Amy's answer is solid and considerate — she even evokes Anne Lamott's fantastic book on writing, Bird by Bird! »7/19/12 4:50pm7/19/12 4:50pm

Email-Checking Husband Let Off the Hook by Advice Columnist

Those of us who have grown up in the digital age and who strive to live our lives minimizing our assholery abide by a single rule: unless there are dire, life-or-death circumstances or you were explicitly instructed to do so by the person who owns the email account, for the love of all that is holy, do not fucking… »7/17/11 2:39pm7/17/11 2:39pm