Actresses Lament Being Typecast in Pretty Stellar 'Royals' Parody

Tess Paras is an Asian-American actress who is tired of being cast as a white lady's nerdy or sexy sidekick. She also happens to have a little bit of musical talent kicking around. And, you know, since Royals is such a fun song to parody on account of the fact that it's got all kinds of lyrics, she and two of her… »3/26/14 5:25pm3/26/14 5:25pm


After 'Asian Girlz' Backlash, Band Writes Song About How Life Is Hard

If you didn't get a chance to watch Day Above Ground's music video "Asian Girlz", in which they wax rhapsodic about their love for Asian women, unfortunately, you never will. The band has pulled the video from YouTube and has released a follow-up song in which they complain about the how difficult it is to live in… »8/05/13 2:20pm8/05/13 2:20pm

Watch This Super Cool Music Video About How Dudes Love Asian Girls

If you're the kind of person who misses the days of Incubus and Linkin Park but wishes they had been just a little more offensive, here is a new track from your new favorite band Day Above Ground. It's called "Asian Girlz" and it's devoted to praising the aforementioned Asian women whose "sticky rice" the band loves.… »7/31/13 12:10pm7/31/13 12:10pm

Voter ID Laws Are Actually a Sneaky Way to Silence Women of Color

Any connoisseur of 80's and 90's era kids' sports comedies knows that when the bad guys can't win, they cheat. Cobra Kai tried it, the Urbania Cowboys tried it, and everyone The Mighty Ducks ever played tried it. Now that an increasingly nonwhite population trend has threatened the electoral clout of white people,… »10/25/12 1:50pm10/25/12 1:50pm

Orphaned Baby Deer Makes Us Melt • Indra Nooyi Named Most Powerful Woman By Forbes

• Squee! This baby deer »10/01/08 5:30pm10/01/08 5:30pm, delivered via c-section after its mother was hit by a car is officially The Cutest Thing, Ever. • Speaking of C-sections, a has found that pregnant Asian women whose male partners are Caucasian are more likely to have a Cesarean than white women who have Asian or white male partners. • On…

Not Much Has Changed: The Faces In September Ladymags Are Overwhelmingly White

Nothing quite says "It's August" like sifting through the pounds and pounds of perfume-scented and white-washed pages from the September issues of the major women's magazines. Sure, Italian Vogue »8/26/08 4:30pm8/26/08 4:30pm came out with an "" issue in July, but even that success probably won't motivate the editors of American women's magazines…