White People Hate Affirmative Action Unless They Benefit From It

Picture this: you're at an outdoor barbecue with all of your favorite white people and the subject of race as a factor in college admissions comes up, because you've been drinking in the sun for hours you're too drunk to realize that this is a bad idea. So you're talking, you and these white people, and they're… » 8/13/13 4:20pm 8/13/13 4:20pm

Asian-American Jersey Shore Finally Airs — But Not on TV

Remember K-Town, the reality show set in the club scene of Los Angeles' Koreatown? With a guy called the Situ-Asian? Back in 2010, TV execs were salivating over its sizzle reel, and the self-described "Jersey Shore-type show" was on the verge of unleashing yet-to-be-cast Korean Jersey Shore doppelgangers on the… » 7/18/12 11:10am 7/18/12 11:10am

Ads Still Push Asians Into The "Tech Guy" Stereotype

Companies will often get called out if they use racist images in their ads, like the recent Nivea ad that said Afros are uncivilized. However, one prevalent racial stereotype usually gets a pass in advertising: Asians as technology experts. The image is generally positive, but it still limits the way Asian Americans… » 8/23/11 11:55pm 8/23/11 11:55pm