More Models Should Skateboard Down the Runway Like This Ashish Show

Some fashion shows, you get the feeling that the poor models are having the worst time of their lives—and worse, that looking that way was an artistic direction from the designer. Not so at Ashish, my favorite designer ever, who today showed his signature sequin-candy creations at London Fashion Week with some… »9/22/15 5:37pm9/22/15 5:37pm


Sequin King Ashish Cast All Black Models in His Latest Runway Show

Ashish Gupta is a Delhi-born British designer whose inventive fusion of sequins and not-so-obvious pop culture references have attracted the devoted lust of every London club kid worth their salt. In a time when American designers seem to be in a contest d'thirst for the attention and cache of THE YOUTH (cough; cough »9/18/14 8:00pm9/18/14 8:00pm