Can A Paparazzi Photo Be Art? A Rogues' Gallery, Inside

Brad Elterman, co-founder of Buzz Foto »10/17/08 1:00pm10/17/08 1:00pm, thinks paparazzi snaps can be art. "My concept was to use brilliant photographers who had a passion for their craft… I wanted more than to build a new photo agency, I wanted to build a brand… with a semblance of class." In an with Rachel Hulin on A Photography Blog, he talks…

New Exhibit Claims Black Artist Kara Walker's Success Is A Form Of Oppression

Kara Walker is arguably the most prominent black female artist in the country. She won a McArthur genius grant when she was 27 and was featured as one of the Time 100 last year. Walker's work is idiosyncratic and immediately recognizable: she makes Victorian-era black silhouette portraits pasted on white walls, often… »6/20/08 12:30pm6/20/08 12:30pm