Teenager Leaves a Pair of Glasses on the Floor of a Museum, Everyone Mistakes it for Art

No, this story has nothing to do with Tilda Swinton taking a nap in a box at MoMA, but it’s almost just as good. A teenager visiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art earlier this week decided to test out the difference between “real art” and “item that should be put in the lost and found” by placing a pair of…

Laura Bush on George W.'s Paintings: 'You've Only Seen the Very Early Ones' 

Jenna Bush Hager and her mother Laura Bush went on The Tonight Show to promote a children’s book they wrote about appreciating nature—an interesting sentiment, considering their family’s ties to the oil industry—and ended up chattin’ about another thing they appreciate: dad’s childlike, nightmarish paintings.

'Vote Trump' Billboard in Chicago Goes Up For Two Days, Is Vandalized Twice 

A billboard suggesting “Vote Trump” survived for two days on Chicago’s West Side, before being replaced first with pro-Bernie graffiti, then with a beautifully drawn alternate recommendation to “Fuck Trump.” The candidate, an animate scarecrow stuffed with the finest manure, is scheduled to speak at University of…