Ben Affleck Has a Big Fucking Phoenix Tattoo On His Back, But We Can't Show it to You

Ben Affleck has a tattoo on his back. Reporters first noticed it in July, after someone photographed what appeared to be dragon tail peeking out from under his shirt. Could it be...? No, it couldn’t, we all thought at the time. But thanks to a more revealing image of Affleck on the set of his new film Live By Night

Frances Bean Has a Creepy Doll Made With Locks of Kurt Cobain's Hair

Two items belonging to Kurt Cobain were put on auction Monday—the vintage cardigan he wore on MTV Unplugged in 1993 (starting bid: $25,000) and a small lock of his hair (starting bid: $4000). Buried in the lot description, though, was a much more important bit of news: Frances Bean has a creepy doll made with locks of…


Check Out 'Pricasso,' a Dude Who Makes Beautiful Masterpieces With His Talented Schlong

Painting portraits with his junk is a talent that Tim Patch, known as “Pricasso,” didn’t share with the world until later in life. But the sexagenarian artist is making up for lost time by putting all his other creative works (unsurprisingly he’s done a lot of wood-carving) on the back burner while he thrills the…