Love Triangle Involving Cousin Leads to Very Redneck Arson

A news reporter speaking to the victim of a fire got an amazing scoop when he asked the woman, whose garage was set ablaze, if she had any idea about who committed the arson and why. “I don’t want to mention no names,” the woman said before revealing that it was her cousin who did it. But the reason why? That needs to… »7/24/15 10:33am7/24/15 10:33am

As Black Churches Burn, Feds Close In on Suspect in CVS Arson 

Right now, there’s a federal manhunt for the man who burned a Baltimore CVS. After two months of prolonged public investigation, the ATF has finally fingered the man responsible: one Raymon Carter, age 24, black, five-foot-eight, 180 pounds. He’s probably “fit the description” for a decade now—but now, the description… »7/01/15 1:30pm7/01/15 1:30pm

Teen Pleads Guilty To Burning Down Church Because of the 'Race, Color and Ethnicity of Its Congregation'

With a name like Jean-Claude Bridges, you should really be an extra great guy, but as it turns out, that's sadly not the case. In a Danville, VA court yesterday morning, Jean-Claude Bridges, 18, plead guilty to starting a blaze at New Holy Deliverance Outreach Ministry, a Virginia church with a predominantly black… »1/09/13 10:15pm1/09/13 10:15pm

Arson May Be Cause Of Florida Abortion Clinic Fire

Early on Sunday morning while people were still celebrating the new year, a fire spread through a Florida abortion clinic, entirely gutting the building. Authorities have yet to turn up evidence that the building was purposely set on fire, but the clinic has been the target of violence over the years, and it seems… »1/03/12 11:45am1/03/12 11:45am

The remains of Holley Wimunc, the Fort Bragg Army nurse who went missing on Thursday, have been foun

The remains of Holley Wimunc, the Fort Bragg Army nurse who went missing on Thursday, have been found. Wimunc's father announced today that authorities have found the remains of his daughter in a brush fire near Camp Lejeune on Sunday. Wimunc's husband, Cpl. John Wimunc, and another Marine, Kyle Ryan Alden, have been… »7/14/08 2:20pm7/14/08 2:20pm

Female Soldier Goes Missing • Pole Dancing Protester Arrested In Subway

Another missing female solider? Authorities are searching for 2nd Lt. Holley Wimunc, 24, who disappeared after her apartment near Fort Bragg was set on fire by an arsonist. • Almost 31% of female British obstetricians would prefer a Caesarean birth because of the "reality" of risk and possible long-term damages with… »7/11/08 5:20pm7/11/08 5:20pm