Baby Formula: The Next Frontier in Arsenic's Battle to Exterminate Us

We already knew that rice was trying to kill us with its deadly arsenic, but now the situation is looking even more dire. A new study done at Dartmouth has found that organic brown rice syrup—a sweetener which you may recognize from any number of organic snacks—is also a source of arsenic. This isn't that surprising,… » 2/16/12 11:55pm 2/16/12 11:55pm

Add 'Rice' To The List of Foods That Will Kill You

New research from the Department of Creating Concern has found that people who eat more rice have elevated levels of arsenic in their bodies. This bodes especially poorly for pregnant women and people who enjoy nothing more than a big bowl of rice washed down by a glass of arsenic-laden apple juice. If you do this,… » 12/06/11 3:15pm 12/06/11 3:15pm

FDA Ponders Whether Apple Juice Is Slowly Giving You Cancer

Recently Dr. Oz whipped parents into a frenzy by reporting that apple juice contains dangerous levels of arsenic. The FDA fired back that America's resident poop expert had flubbed his results by testing for both safe organic arsenic and harmful inorganic arsenic, and said issuing warnings about kids drinking juice… » 12/01/11 2:50pm 12/01/11 2:50pm

Why Are Some Scientists Attacking NASA's New Life Discovery?

Some scientists are aggressively attacking NASA's new life discovery—GFAJ-1, the microbe capable of using arsenic instead of phosphorous to build itself. The reason, according to Dr. Rosie Redfield: She "was outraged at how bad the science was." » 12/08/10 12:04pm 12/08/10 12:04pm

The Impressive(ly Young) Woman Behind Arsenic Aliens Discovery

You probably heard that NASA announced a groundbreaking discovery that expands the definition of life as we know it. Did you know the lead scientist is a woman named Felisa Wolfe-Simon — and she's young? Prepare to feel inadequate. » 12/03/10 3:14pm 12/03/10 3:14pm

Bad News For Lazy Housekeepers

According to Time, normal household dust contains not just bug legs and boogers, but also lead, arsenic, and DDT. Some of this can be removed by regular dusting, which is a relief, unless you're this guy. [Time] » 2/23/10 3:40pm 2/23/10 3:40pm

Dodgers CEO Fired By Her Husband • Earhart's Scarf Goes On Space Flight

Jamie McCourt, baseball's highest-ranking woman, has been fired from her position as the Dodgers' chief executive by her estranged husband Frank McCourt, who is the team's owner. Now she's believed to be trying to regain control of the team. » 10/23/09 5:40pm 10/23/09 5:40pm