Mumbai Mom Posts India's First-Ever Gay Marriage Ad for Her Son

Gay marriage is not only illegal, it’s criminalized in India. But that didn’t stop one mother of a human rights activist from posting an ad in the paper seeking an arrangement for her son, who she was worried might be lonely after she was gone. The groom’s now got six offers; he wants much, much more. »5/21/15 2:00pm5/21/15 2:00pm


Bride Flees Wedding After Groom Proves He Can't Do Simple Math

When a marriage is arranged, it's not uncommon for a bride to only meet her groom on their wedding day. In order to make sure that the man she was marrying had an education, one bride in the Uttar Pradesh state of India gave her intended a math test on their wedding day. He failed spectacularly. »3/13/15 2:10pm3/13/15 2:10pm

More Indian Yuppies Eschewing Arranged Marriage For Online Dating

In an attempt to explain the shifting romantic climate for women in India, Mumbai businesswoman Shyra Mogul — who escaped an abusive arranged marriage in her 20s and is now single again — tells NPR that her generation grew up on Bollywood rom-coms which, generally, feature a rich girl feuding with her parents over… »5/25/13 1:30pm5/25/13 1:30pm

Arranged Marriages Drive Many Iraqi Girls to Suicide

In a desolate stretch in the northwest corner of Iraq, something strange is happening. There is a growing epidemic of young women who are killing themselves after being forced into arranged marriages, often with their relatives. In the city of Sinjar, the practice is centuries old, but as their society is slowly being… »6/07/12 10:40am6/07/12 10:40am

Indian 'Baby Bride' Makes History by Successfully Having Her Marriage Annulled

Laxmi Sargara, an 18-year-old girl from India who was entered into an arranged marriage when she was just a year old, made the brave decision to fight against her forced union, and now she's won an annulment. While child marriages are technically illegal in India, many families in rural communities still engage in… »4/26/12 10:00am4/26/12 10:00am