Women Are Still Wondering If It’s OK to Show Arm Flab in the Summer

It’s summer time, it’s hot as balls, and every woman on earth has been forced to revisit the annual question: Is it OK to wear less clothing even though you’re gross? This season gross could mean almost everything on your body, but for older women, the anxiety centers mostly around their upper arms. » 8/04/15 2:45pm 8/04/15 2:45pm

Quit Fucking with Your Arms. Your Arms Are Fine.

You have skinny arms. You have fat arms. Your arms end in a lizard foot because you also have the body and head of a lizard (in this case, you are a lizard). Your arms are fine. Do they help you lift and move things out of the way? Then they're better than fine. They're functional so quit slicing into them and… » 4/29/13 4:00pm 4/29/13 4:00pm