Texas Football Team's Rapey Tee Shirts: 'Ssh, Just Let It Happen'

A Texas high school football team is very sorry if anybody misunderstood their hilarious team t-shirts, which read: "We take what we want — Shhhhhh just let it happen." The Warriors, the footballing youths of Martin High School in Arlington, say that the joke is definitely not an allusion to rape, and they're not sure… » 10/30/14 4:00pm 10/30/14 4:00pm

Tonight: The Last Debate And The Last Call To Let John McCain Off The Leash

The election might still be 20 interminable days off, but the last debate will be (liveblogged) tonight. McCain has promised both to "whip" his opponent tonight, and to bring up Bill Ayers. Will Obama have an answer? Can Bill O'Reilly get more absurd? Can the poll numbers get better for Obama? Will John McCain be… » 10/15/08 10:00am 10/15/08 10:00am