Steubenville-Style Internet Vigilantism Caused All Kinds of Problems

Despite the fact that the Steubenville rape trial is over and the boys involved have been sentenced and are incarcerated, the story's hold on the national conversation about rape culture continues to dominate, whether it's through Serena Williams or anyone less famous than that. People still have opinions, and as… »7/29/13 5:45pm7/29/13 5:45pm

The New Yorker Review of Naomi Wolf's Vagina: A Biography Contains Unexpectedly Delightful Passage

The Beauty Myth author and feminist Naomi Wolf's Vagina dropped this year (sorry—just to be clear, it's her new book Vagina: A Biography), and makes a variety of claims about "the conscious vagina," a concept that suggests—among other semi-terrifying things—that sexually-satisfied vaginas are what gives women their… »9/15/12 4:15pm9/15/12 4:15pm

Radar Writer: Palin Is Popular Because Young Feminists "Dropped The Torch"

Feminists! We don't like Sarah Palin. »10/02/08 1:40pm10/02/08 1:40pm (Other "types" of women , according to .) Of course, many men viscerally dislike the gun-toting Alaskan Governor, but talking about is boring and doesn't conjure up images of mud wrestling. Over on website, scribe Robert Lanham tries to argue that many women dislike Sarah Palin…

New Yorker Profile Shows Cindy McCain Is A Nouveau Betty Draper

In this week's New Yorker »9/08/08 1:00pm9/08/08 1:00pm, scribe Ariel Levy has a , which does nothing to disabuse one of the superficial persona of Cindy Lou — she's a woman who comes off as a perfectly manicured heiress, who panics when her bubble of well-kept appearances is burst. Levy describes McCain as "pampered and brittle", "skittish",…