Meet The Real People of the Fall Lanvin Campaign

Lanvin's decision to cast non-models in its fall ads — "real women" and "real men" who just happen to look gorgeous — got a lot of attention when it was announced yesterday. Under what other circumstances would an 82-year-old woman of color become the face of a major luxury brand? Now that all of the ads have been… » 7/19/12 10:25pm 7/19/12 10:25pm

Tavi Gevinson Supports Restricting Runway Work To Models Over 16

I learned last night that when you get Iris Apfel and Ira Glass in the same room, good things happen. The party co-hosted by Tavi Gevinson and Ari Seth Cohen, the man behind the old-people-with-a-mad-knack-for-dressing-up blog Advanced Style, is the most fun fashion party I've been to in a while. There were home-made… » 9/15/11 6:15pm 9/15/11 6:15pm