Komen's Planned Parenthood Strategy Secretly Devised by Ultra-Conservative Pundit

At this point, it's less than shocking that the Komen Foundation secretly hired an ultra-conservative, former George W. Bush White House press secretary to handle the Planned Parenthood debacle. We're just surprised Ari Fleischer — who was once briefly employed by Tiger Woods to help him reenter the PGA Tour — didn't… »2/04/12 3:15pm2/04/12 3:15pm

So Many Good Ways To Attack McCain-Palin...So Little Time

It's finally Friday and even though Jason »9/19/08 10:00am9/19/08 10:00am and I are desperately looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow (not together - he's married!), we struggle valiantly to bring to you the best crap that the news has to offer. And what it has, unlike Ari Fleischer's asshole, is actually somewhat refreshing: plenty of good ways…

What Julia Allison & John McCain Have Done To Journalism

Since the world is ending around us, it's important to take note of what parts of our civilization fell and in what order. And, really, there's no one better at documenting mayhem than the original Wonkette (the rest of us are just pale imitations), Ana Marie Cox »9/16/08 10:00am9/16/08 10:00am, who now writes for 's . Today, Ana and I talk about…