Meet Mitt Romney's Sexist New Spokesman

Always on the hunt for ways to make himself even less appealing to the American public, several days ago Mitt Romney hired Richard Grenell, a former Bush administration official, as his national security and foreign policy spokesman. Why is that bad? Well, a quick look at Grenell's Twitter history revealed that he is… » 4/23/12 11:15am 4/23/12 11:15am

Komen's Planned Parenthood Strategy Secretly Devised by…

At this point, it's less than shocking that the Komen Foundation secretly hired an ultra-conservative, former George W. Bush White House press secretary to handle the Planned Parenthood debacle. We're just surprised Ari Fleischer — who was once briefly employed by Tiger Woods to help him reenter the PGA Tour — didn't… » 2/04/12 3:15pm 2/04/12 3:15pm