Argentina's Coolest Dumb Teens Are Wearing Confederate Flags

Argentina’s equivalent of Abercrombie is a store called John L Cook. It caters to hot teens dying to lose their virginity and manufactures t-shirts with meaningless identity-defining slogans on them like “Sea Salt” and “Grunge” and “Somewhere Between NY & LA.” They also have a lot of apparel featuring what seems to be… »8/10/15 4:40pm8/10/15 4:40pm

Argentina, Like Many Countries, Wants To Put Justin Bieber In Jail

If Justin Bieber ever goes to Argentina again, he will be arrested. Reuters reports that in 2013, a Buenos Aires photographer “accused Bieber and one of his bodyguards of lashing out at him when he tried to take a picture of the star as he left [a club.]” Bieber, still in the middle of his wild days and mad existence »4/10/15 3:00pm4/10/15 3:00pm

Argentine Pres Was About to Be Arrested Before Prosecutor's Murder

In a story that's quickly escalating from "Huh, that's weird" to "Holy shit," there is (or was) a draft of a warrant for the arrest of Argentina's President, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. That arrest warrant was found at the home of Alberto Nisman, a prosecutor who recently died under mysterious… »2/03/15 6:30pm2/03/15 6:30pm

Tampons in Argentina Cost $30 a Box, If You Can Get Them

Argentina is known for a few things: natural resources like iron ore and zinc, Madonna's portrayal of Eva Perón, government corruption. And since the country is having problems with the latter—in particular, crippling inflation that's caused the price of imports as a result because no one wants to do business with a… »1/10/15 1:45pm1/10/15 1:45pm

Even ​Mark Sanford's Ex-Fiancée Was Surprised by That Facebook Post

I think it's safe to say that we were all sort of taken off guard by Mark Sanford's cry-me-a-river Facebook post announcing his break-up with fiancée Maria Belen Chapur. Mostly because he's an irrelevant politician whose claim to fame is his extramarital business. But apparently, we weren't the only one's surprised… »9/14/14 1:42pm9/14/14 1:42pm

Protesters Want 'World's Saddest Polar Bear' Moved From Argentina Zoo

Arturo, the only remaining polar bear in the Mendoza Zoo outside of Buenos Aires, has been dubbed the "world's saddest polar bear" by animal rights activists, and for good reason. (If there is a sadder polar bear out there, then I'm pretty sure that we have no way of being sure that our earth isn't a terrible… »7/14/14 6:15pm7/14/14 6:15pm

What It's Like To Get an Abortion in a Country Where It's Illegal

The focus of this week's episode of the U.K.'s Secrets of South America was Argentina (last week's, featuring the clip of the beauty queen with mesh sewn to her tongue, was Venezuela). The show, a sort of modern imagining of the Prosperi/Jacopetti Mondo movies as hosted by a perky cross between Alexa Chung and Fiona… »2/13/14 5:19pm2/13/14 5:19pm

Argentina’s New Gender Law Is Making Life Way Easier for Trans People

A helpful new law that simplifies the process for changing one's name and gender on an ID card (and covers sex procedures like sex reassignment under health care) aims to make joining the mainstream population a much more attainable goal for transgender citizens in Argentina. In other countries, the gender/name change… »10/02/12 12:25pm10/02/12 12:25pm

Falklands Newspaper Bitchily Calls Argentina’s President a Bitch

Long believed to be a mythical archipelago populated exclusively by penguins and three elderly British wizarding couples who all have tea together on Sundays and exchange potion recipes, the Falkland Islands recently proved that it is a very real and newsworthy place when one of the local papers, Penguin News, took a… »2/12/12 2:30pm2/12/12 2:30pm

Hugo Chavez Subtly Suggests That The U.S. Government Is Shooting World Leaders Full Of Cancer

After Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the president of Argentina, was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's disturbingly kooky president, has begun insinuating that perhaps the United States is running around secretly infecting his region's leaders with the disease. His proof? Five Latin… »12/28/11 5:45pm12/28/11 5:45pm

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Diagnosed With Cancer

Just two months after her re-election to a second term, Argentina's popular president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, 58, has thyroid cancer. With early detection and treatment, the survival rate is high, and Kirchner's prognosis is good; the cancer hasn't metastasized or spread to her lymph nodes. She plans to step… »12/28/11 10:30am12/28/11 10:30am

Eva Perón Was Lobotomized As Part Of Cervical Cancer Treatment

New research provides a sad look at both the last days of former Argentinian first lady Eva Perón and how severe pain caused by cancer and other diseases was sometimes treated back in the 1950s. It's well-known that Perón died of cervical cancer when she was only 33, but a Yale researcher says that several months… »12/20/11 11:55pm12/20/11 11:55pm