Judy Blume: Beloved Author and Marriage Saver

Here’s a positive update on the story of the man who threw out his wife’s cherished copy of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. The author heard news of the husband’s mishap after he put up “Lost Book” fliers around Brooklyn, via EW. Blume sent out a tweet saying that she would send over a signed copy… »8/01/15 5:30pm8/01/15 5:30pm


Menarche Party? Meh. Getting Your Period Doesn't Make You a Woman

I'm wary about menarche parties, whether they involve cheesy themed partyware and "Pin the Ovaries" games or Native American folk songs and flower garlands. I'm all for girls feeling empowered rather than embarrassed about getting their periods, and I love the idea of parents celebrating and supporting their… »3/20/12 7:40pm3/20/12 7:40pm