Floor Plans of the Girls Apartments Seem Almost Believable

This may not be as illuminating a dip into architecture as some of you may have hoped for, but it is interesting in a Sims kind of way. Haven't you always wanted to know exactly how much space your favorite (or least favorite) sitcom characters occupied? Didn't you always want to have a better idea of just how far… »1/26/14 1:30pm1/26/14 1:30pm

Architect of Giant Vagina Stadium Says It Doesn't Look like a Vagina

Ok, I'm sorry, but I don't understand how you could look at this stadium and think anything but "giant vagina." I am trying. But I cannot see anything else! However, the building's architect, Zaha Hadid, disagrees. "It's really embarrassing that they come up with nonsense like this," she told TIME. "What are they… »11/25/13 10:25am11/25/13 10:25am

Communal Living May Make for Sexier Times

Could the aimless, atomized souls living in discrete domiciles in the United States be missing out of really sexy sex by not living more communally? Probably, but at the very least, if you’re living in a “house” that’s separated from your immediate “neighbors” by “windows” and “walls” that simultaneously envelope you… »6/30/13 5:00pm6/30/13 5:00pm

Ask a New York City Movie Location Scout Anything You Want

Did you know there's an abandoned swimming pool in the basement of the Woolworth Building? Did you know there's an abandoned Cold War-era missile silo buried under a log cabin in the Adirondacks? Do you have any idea what happened with the filming location of Ghostbusters or Annie Hall? Nope! But Nick Carr, the… »6/20/13 10:14am6/20/13 10:14am

Female Architects Hella Snubbed By $100,000 Pritzker Prize Committee

A 11,000-signature strong petition is circulating on behalf of the architect Denise Scott Brown, who worked with her fellow designer husband Robert Venturi for 40 years but was curiously denied the Pritzker Prize he received 20 years ago. In the history of the $100,000 prize, it's been awarded to two… »5/04/13 4:30pm5/04/13 4:30pm

Jane Fonda's Fitness-Powered Houses Will Make You Feel Like a Hamster

Jane Fonda, the fitness-forward VHS guru and Hollywood demigoddess who recently got her fingerprints all over the Walk of Fame, is taking the idea of physical fitness as a lifestyle choice to new hamster-wheel extremes. According to Architizer, Fonda has slapped her name on a new micro home design from Spanish design… »5/02/13 9:25pm5/02/13 9:25pm

For the bookworms among us, Livio de Marchi's amazing creation is a bit of a dream come true. de Mar
For the bookworms among us, Livio de Marchi's amazing creation is a bit of a dream come true. de Marchi, who is known for his impressive wood sculptures, has created an entire house made of "books," or rather pieces carved to resemble books, including book-shaped tables, beds, desks, and chairs. Though the messy… »11/02/08 4:00pm11/02/08 4:00pm