Pickle-Flavored Candy Canes Are the Newest Gross Novelty Treat

While they might make Snooki's holidays a little more festive (if not, at least, brinier), the idea of pickle-flavored candy canes is kind of nauseating. Candy canes in general are kind of a shitty candy, but at least the conventional ones—if you end up actually eating them—make your breath better, not worse. [Archie… »12/10/12 5:00pm12/10/12 5:00pm


These Abe Lincoln Band-Aids Will Heal You Like He Healed Our Nation

If your heart bleeds because you love Abraham Lincoln so much but you can't be with him because he's dead, then you're in luck: get these fancy Honest Abe band-aids and wear them close to your heart, or really on any wound. As the handsome Abe-adorned tin they come in promises, "I will heal your wound like I healed a… »7/05/12 11:15pm7/05/12 11:15pm