2-Year-Old Girl Breaks Archery Record, Reminds Us We're Failures

While you were busy braying at the moon about the death of One Direction, an Indian two-year-old was kicking ass, taking names and ensuring her triumph and victory in any number of possible dystopian situations (zombies, Hunger Games, The Oregon Trail) in the future. Meet Dolly Shivani Cherukuri, the kid to be envious… »3/26/15 4:10pm3/26/15 4:10pm

Now We Need to Be Afraid of Getting Shot by Mystery Arrows

You know that spreadsheet you keep, where you meticulously track all of the random and bizarre ways that it's possible to die because you superstitiously believe that if you know about them then they can never happen to you? Well, it's time to update that list to include "being shot in the back by an arrow that seems… »5/24/12 11:10am5/24/12 11:10am