Strict Rules In Saudi Arabia Render Romance Elusive, But Not Dead

The New York Times has a series of articles on Love in Saudi Arabia. That's capital L "Love," the romantic kind of love as seen in movies and sung about in pop songs. The articles focus on Riyadh, which has strict Islamic laws. Women and men are severely segregated. Women are not allowed to be in a public place alone,… »5/13/08 1:00pm5/13/08 1:00pm

Saudi Women Now Permitted To Stay At Hotels, Drive By Themselves

A new hotel has opened its doors in Saudi Arabia, and it is managed, staffed and designed for females only. The Luthan Hotel & Spa, owned by 20 Saudi princesses and businesswomen, is meant to be a luxury respite for women, who until recently were not allowed to stay by themselves in coed hotels (the law was relaxed in… »3/19/08 9:30am3/19/08 9:30am