Maybe Don't 'Prank' Your Boyfriend By Prank Breaking Up With Him

Here's the thing about April Fools': It sucks. Pranks are all well and good when you're five years old and the only thing you can do is drool and make up some joke about being a space monster or something, but when you're an adult and try to raise the stakes, that shit gets real. Here's a tip from me to you: Never… »4/01/15 2:30pm4/01/15 2:30pm

Warby Parker Makes Adorable Glasses for Dogs, Wins for Cutest April Fool's Prank

The internet generally becomes an annoying cesspool of lame jokes on April Fool's Day, especially in the arena of online shopping, but today one site's April Fool's goof did manage to elicit a smile from me. Hip, do-gooder eyewear maker Warby Parker unveiled a new "collection" of eyewear for dogs. Appropriately called… »4/01/12 10:15pm4/01/12 10:15pm

This Week We Made Horses' Asses Out Of Ourselves (And Others)