Jailed 'American Idol' Finalist Jessica Sierra: Also Pregnant

  • American Idol finalist and sex-tape star Jessica Sierra, whom you may have last seen smoking naked in a bathtub, is pregnant. The father is a "rapper." Sierra remains in a Florida jail, though she is now in the infirmary on a "pregnancy diet." [TMZ]
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Apple Martin: Still The Only Redeeming Thing About Gwyneth Paltrow

[Los Angeles, Calif; May 27. Image via x17.]
We don't mean it to be celebrity baby-worship day at Jezebel. [Perhaps we're ovulating! -Ed.] But this picture of Apple Martin came across the wires over the weekend and we couldn't let it pass without comment. We love this photo for two reasons. One, Apple is adorable.… »5/29/07 1:57pm5/29/07 1:57pm