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American Apparel has done it again, and while they're probably doing an ironic top rock at their continued ability to rile the Man, we think it's time for an intervention. So here we go, kids: our suggested AA 12-step program: » 9/02/09 3:20pm 9/02/09 3:20pm

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Anti-Establishment Indie Chain Now Owned By The Man

Today's retail news is American Apparel getting sold to an investment firm for $382.5 million. In case you were wondering, that's the equivalent of over 13 million copper lame shorts — so hot right now! Snap it up!. Or beaucoup handy cash to get rid of those pesky "my boss is a pervert" sexual harrassment… » 12/19/06 11:58am 12/19/06 11:58am