Tim Armstrong Refused to Take Questions at AOL's Conference for Women

The mission statement for AOL's invite-only Makers Conference sounded suspect from the start. How can a random assortment of high-profile women (and a handful of male executives) possibly presume to "reset the agenda for women in the workplace" during a private excursion at an oceanside resort? » 2/12/14 10:57am 2/12/14 10:57am

The Mother of one of the AOL "Distressed" Babies Speaks

This story (warning: traumatic birth story) really put a lump in my throat and a rage in my morning. If you haven't heard, the CEO of AOL justified cutting employee benefits based on two "distressed babies" that put too much of a burden on their healthcare plan, basically. He says he was just using that as an example but … » 2/09/14 9:57pm 2/09/14 9:57pm

Invite-Only Oceanside Conference Vows to "Reset the Agenda for Women"

Makers began as a documentary about the history of women's equality developed by AOL and PBS, but seems to have morphed into a brand of its own. Next week, Makers is hosting a three-day conference where Sheryl Sandberg, Eric Schmidt, Tim Armstrong, and others plan to "reset the agenda for women in the workplace in the… » 2/03/14 8:59pm 2/03/14 8:59pm

TechCrunch Disrupt Kicks Off with "Titstare" App and Fake Masturbation

As a lovely followup to recent discussions of gender inclusivity in tech, here's the first presentation from the AOL-owned TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 startup conference: an app called Titstare, presented by two grinning Australian dudes, exactly as tasteless as it sounds. » 9/08/13 10:25pm 9/08/13 10:25pm

You Can Look Forward to Playing a Workplace Version of the Hunger…

Finding a job is hard enough these days. Then once you've got one, you've got to work your ass off while also dealing with office politics and annoying coworkers. Well, it's about to get even worse for some of you, because there's a growing trend among companies of encouraging their employees to compete in "fun" health… » 5/03/12 1:15pm 5/03/12 1:15pm

Rush Limbaugh Continues to Insatiably Screw Self as 12th Sponsor Flees …

After Rush Limbaugh called birth control advocate Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" and demanded she make a sex tape for the American people in exchange for insurance-subsidized birth control, disgusted members of the general public began demanding companies that advertise on Limbaugh's show distance themselves from … » 3/05/12 5:30pm 3/05/12 5:30pm

Heidi Klum Posted A Photo Of Herself Without Makeup

Heidi Klum's new AOL site launched today. The content appears to be mostly standard-issue fitness and beauty tips, but the supermodel is posting a feature called "Look of the Day." Which is where we found this photo of Klum's apparently makeup-free visage. We can appreciate the artifice of makeup and all, but it's cool… » 5/24/11 4:20pm 5/24/11 4:20pm

Paris Hilton Wears Terry Richardson's Glasses On The Cover Of Vogue

Sarah Palin Gets Fleeced; Roberto Cavalli Enjoys "Primitive" Africa

Tim Gunn Is Totally Normal: "I Wear Jeans & T-Shirts All The Time"

  • Everyone's favorite human being, Tim Gunn, likes Dunkin' Donuts (Grace Mirabella turned him onto it.) And he can't afford to buy an apartment in New York, either! (Stars! They're just like us!) [Time Out New York]
  • Simon Doonan, the woman's champion, bemoans that there's "a lot of conformity, a lot of blonde hair ...…
» 9/25/08 11:30am 9/25/08 11:30am

Do we smell a little competition? Word on the street is that AOL is creating a new "lifestyle site" for women in their 20s and 30s and they're looking for an editor "with a broad range of interests, strong writing voice, at least five years of editing experience and an old box of Sassy mags in her mom's attic," according… » 4/18/08 2:30pm 4/18/08 2:30pm