Republican: Gays Wear Tutus to Work, So They Don't Deserve Rights

An Idaho Republican official wants to overturn anti-discrimination laws because they would prevent him from firing a gay employer who might show up to work wearing a tutu. Because that is what ALL gay people do in order to function in the workplace: they wear their tutus and commute by rainbow. » 6/18/13 7:45pm 6/18/13 7:45pm

LGBT Advocates Angry At Obama's Wishy-Washiness Re: Discrimination Law

Despite the President's promise to stand up for gay rights and oppose discrimination with written legislature back during his campaign in 2008, LGBT America hasn't really seen any movement that'll com to anything The prospect of ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) passing through Congress at this point is pretty… » 6/15/13 2:00pm 6/15/13 2:00pm

Yay! Two Idaho Cities Pass LGBT Anti-Discrimination Ordinances

It's hard to believe that certain anti-discriminatory LGBT laws are just being passed now — oh, just your basic human rights tenets and stuff like that — but good news nevertheless: the town of Pocatello, Idaho, just voted 4-2 to pass an ordinance that will protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals… » 6/08/13 12:30pm 6/08/13 12:30pm